Past Events

March 18, 2021 DEPC Virtual Meeting: Colorado Uniform Trust (CUTC) Overview
Carl G. Stevens, JD, AEP, AV Preeminent
January 21, 2021 DEPC Virtual Meeting: Tax Update and Family Wealth Planning Trends
Jeff Watkins
November 12, 2020 DEPC Virtual Meeting: When Opportunity is Knocking: Legacy Planning with Low Interest Rates, Volatile Markets and High Transfer Tax Exemptions
James S. Judd, Paul E. Campbell, and Donald B. Hutchins, BakerHostetler
September 24, 2020 DEPC Virtual Meeting: Are We Planning for Wealth Sustainability or Wealth Dissipation? Why the Power of Collaboration is Integral to Beating the Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations Proverb
John A. Warnick
August 27, 2020 DEPC Webinar: Creative Ways to Fund Business Owner Retirement
Vincent M. D'Addona, MSFS, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CExP®, AEP® (Distinguished)
July 23, 2020 DEPC Meeting: What Estate Planning Professionals Need to Know About Cybersecurity in the Era of COVID-19
Justin Joy, JD, CIPP/US, CIPT
May 21, 2020 DEPC Annual Meeting (Postponed)
March 19, 2020 DEPC Meeting: (Canceled) Are We Planning for Wealth Sustainability or Wealth Dissipation? Why the Power of Collaboration is Integral to Beating the Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations Proverb
John A. Warnick
January 23, 2020 DEPC Meeting: Annual Tax Update
Jeff Watkins
December 5, 2019 DEPC Holiday Party
November 21, 2019 DEPC Meeting: Building a Business Development Strategy
Meg Satrom, JD
September 19, 2019 DEPC Meeting: Solutions for Tax Efficiency and Asset Location
Ann Marie Liotta, CPA, AEP
May 14, 2019 DEPC Annual Meeting: Creating an Inclusive Economy in Denver
Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks
March 28, 2019 DEPC Meeting: How to Avoid and What to do if Audited by the IRS
Michael Gregory
January 24, 2019 DEPC Meeting: Working with the Grieving
Russ McKendry
November 15, 2018 DEPC Meeting: South Dakota Trust Law: Pulling Back the Curtain
Patrick G. Goetzinger
September 27, 2018 DEPC Meeting: Putting It On & Taking It Off: Managing Tax Basis Today (for Tomorrow)
Paul S. Lee
May 2, 2018 DEPC Annual Meeting: National Security, Civil Liberty and Surveillance
Former Attorney General, John Ashcroft
March 22, 2018 DEPC Meeting: Basics of International Estate, Gifts and Trusts
Jack Nuckolls, BDO
January 25, 2018 DEPC Meeting: Protecting Yourself When Planning in Unsettled Waters: A Case Study on How to Structure Your Client Relationship to Protect Yourself from Malpractice Claims and Ethical Issues
Shawn C. Snyder, Snyder & Snyder, P.A.
November 16, 2017 DEPC Meeting: Let’s Get “Real”: Planning for and around Real Assets
R. Dennis Moon
September 28, 2017 DEPC Meeting: Trends in Qualified Conservation Easements
Melinda Beck
May 25, 2017 DEPC Annual Meeting
Donald L. Elliott, Clarion Associates, LLC
March 16, 2017 Good Intentions Can Lead to Unintended Consequences
Jeffrey Haskell, Foundation Source
February 23, 2017 Premarital and Marital Agreements: Focusing on Trusts and Estate Planning Issues in Divorce or at Death
Rebecca Alexander and Bridget Sullivan
November 17, 2016 Talking Points of New §2704 Regulations​
Carol A. Lewis, BKD
September 29, 2016 Common GST Problems: How to Avoid Them and How to Fix Them
Beth Shapiro Kaufman
May 19, 2016 Impact Investing and Your Estate (Annual Meeting - Members Only)
Dr. Stephanie Gripne
April 28, 2016 Charity Begins at Home: Donor-Advised Funds and Family Giving
Wes Mashburn
Wes Mashburn
January 21, 2016 Thriving Legacy Families: Building Resilience and Adaptability Across Generations
Kristin Keffeler
November 12, 2015 ESOPs as an Exit Strategy for Business Owners
Jay Powers
September 17, 2015 Putting It All Together: Some of the Best Estate Planning Strategies We See in the New Frontier that Reduce Both Income and Estate Taxes
Stacy Eastland
May 14, 2015 Denver - The Next Five Years (Annual Meeting, Members Only)
Diane Barrett, Chief Projects Officer, City and County of Denver
March 26, 2015 11 Lessons from 35 Years of Charitable Planning
Laura Peebles
January 22, 2015 The Evolving Role of Advisors in Addressing the Needs of the Affluent Family
Courtney Pullen
November 13, 2014 Rethinking the Role of Life Insurance in Estate Planning
Charles Ratner
September 25, 2014 Venn Diagrams: The Intersection of Estate & Income Tax - Planning in the ATRA-Math
Paul Lee
May 15, 2014 Annual Meeting - Members Only
Aaron Kennedy, Founder and Past Chairman of Noodles and Company
March 20, 2014 Give Now - 2014 Opportunities in Philanthropy
Jeff Gott
January 23, 2014 Mastering Portability
Daniel Smith
November 21, 2013 What's In My Bag of Tricks
Thomas N. Long, Attorney
October 3, 2013 Estate Planning Issues with Intra-Family Loans and Notes
Steve Akers
May 16, 2013 Annual Meeting
Connie K. Duckworth
March 21, 2013 "The 2012 Tax Act, Including Creative Forms and Uses of GRATs"
David A. Handler, Kirkland & Ellis LLP
January 24, 2013 When is a Gift a Gift and when is it a Transfer - and the Consequences to the Recipient of Each
James E. Hughes, Jr., Esq.
November 15, 2012 "Beneficiary Defective Inheritor's Trust Rules and Nuisances"
Michael W. Halloran
September 20, 2012 "Yours, Mine and Ours: Estate Planning for Blended Families"
L. Paul Hood, Jr.
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